The investments have to be distributed well-proportioned and without discrimination to all regions in Greece. This is the only measure in order to create new jobs and to increase the living standards of the Turkish minority of western Thrace.

In order to overcome the problems with regard to infrastructure in regions with Turkish population, the corresponding projects and financial aids should be granted to the Turkish municipalties.

In the field of education, improvements have to be achieved by complying with the righths granted by bilateral and international agreements to the Turkish minority.

In villages and towns with Turkish population, kindergartens for Turkish minority children, in which the education language is Turkish, have to be established urgently. The administration and management of these kindergartens has to be left to the local governments.

Teachers, who  dispose of Turkish language skills and a corresponding educational background, have to be assigned to those Turkish minority schools.

In regions, where The Turkish minority is densely populated, libraries, cinemas and theatres, which are easily accessible for the public, have to be opened. Only by these means, it is ensured that the public, in particular the youth has the opportunity to develop themselves in cultural and artistic fields. Moreover, in order to make sports prevalent for all, more sports grounds have to be created and the public should be encouraged to do sports.

In order to promote the relations between the Turkish and Greek populations, the Turkish minority should be encouraged to learn Greek, and for this purpose, Greek language courses should be opened.

What has to be done: