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Current issues of the Turkish Minority in Western Thrace (Greece)

As known, Western Thrace is still one of the less developed regions in the European Union. Yet, the Greek Government, despite its intention to correct its historical mistakes, has not still formed a concrete policy to eliminate income gaps and structural and cyclical unemployment in Western Thrace, the poorest region in its geographical land.


Works of municipalities and provinces in Komotini (Gumulcine), Xanthi (Iskece) where the Western Thrace Turkish Minority is majority and Alexandroupolis (Dedeagac) where the Minority constitutes the minority only includes the Pontus Greeks and migrants from the Former Soviet Union, and thus it is observed that discrimination still continues in a country member to the EU, in Greece. Greece, which has gray population, has granted the Pontus Greeks of “Hellenic origin” who migrated to the country from the USSR, with every opportunity to harmonize them to their living and work places, granted them with every credit loans that Turkish Minority can not even dream of.